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Welcome to Doğbes Family ...

Ozkan Dangac Food Co.Ltd. As DOĞBES, in our facility where we produce jams without preservatives and additives, we have added more than 70 jam types to our product range by producing 12 types of fruit jams without added sugar as a result of two years of R&D. Sugar, glucose, aspartame, saccharin, stevia, etc. are used in the production of our sugar-free jams. No sweetener was used. Instead of using sweetener, we evaporated the juice of the fruit and used a little apple juice concentrate to bring the taste of the fruit to the fore. In short, we offer our consumers concentrated fruit in jam consistency. Our classic fruity and sugar-free jams, each one more delicious than the other, are offered to our consumers in selected markets and delicatessens.

As we always say; LIVE A NATURAL LIFE !!!
Special Jam and Marmalades We Pick to for you
Walnut Jam
Milk Jam
Olive Jam
Rosehip Marmalade
Bergamot Jam
Gum Mastic Paste
Tangerine Jam
Hot Pepper Jam
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